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Tea Home Remedies For Pink Eye

26 February 2009 No Comment

Conjunctivitis home remedies come in many forms. Some are compresses to be held on the eye. Some conjunctivitis home remedies involve taking supplements. This article will describe the use of tea in home remedies for conjunctivitis.

While many home remedies for various conditions are based on old wives’ tales and not scientific fact, science may actually support the use of tea to treat infections. Research has shown that tea contains alkylamine antigens which have been shown to boost the immune system and help the body fight infection. So, there may be some scientific evidence to support the use of teas to treat conjunctivitis.

One pink eye home remedy recommends drinking green tea a few times a day, while others recommend black tea. Since both contain alkylamine antigens, it may be left to personal preference. Some people who are allergic to ragweed have allergic reactions to chamomile. People who have had allergic reactions to either ragweed or chamomile should avoid using chamomile home remedies.

One pink eye remedy is to use water in which chamomile has been boiled as an eye wash. After boiling chamomile in water, allow the water to cool. The chamomile should be strained from the water. The water can be used as eyewash as long as the water does not contain any debris from the chamomile.

The person with pink eye can soak a cloth in the water and use it as a compress. Some people with pink eye like to use a chamomile compress then squeeze a little of the chamomile water into the eyes. A chamomile tea bag that has been steeped in hot water and allowed to cool can be used as a warm compress. After using it as a compress, a pink eye remedy recommends squeezing the damp chamomile tea bag into the eye so that a few drops go into the eye.

Another home remedy for pink eye uses green tea teabags. In the same way that chamomile teabags can be used as a warm compress, green tea teabags can be used. Some people prefer to use black tea teabags. Black tea and green tea both contain alkylamine antigens which may be at work in treating the conjunctivitis.

Tea can be used to wipe the eye clean. The person with pink eye can make hot tea to use to wipe the eyes. Some home remedies recommend chamomile tea while others suggest green tea. The person should dip a cotton ball into the tea and wipe the eye from the inside corner outwards. This can be repeated with a new cotton ball. Another new cotton ball should be used for the other eye.

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